A Part Of Idaho’s Heritage

Built in 1904, this shingled Colonial-style residence was built by Harry Falk, a descendent of Nathaniel Falk and David Falk.
The Falk family is famously known for creating a store that became one of the first post offices in Idaho territory. An early cloth print advertisement for their store was found in a cabin preserved at fort Boise and is a classic example of pioneer advertising.
At one point, The Falks’ store was recognized as a town. This town burned down in a fire in 1922 but is remembered in Falk Bridge running across the Payette River near Highway 52.
Nathaniel and his wife Rose gave birth to Harry Nathaniel Falk and his siblings and raised them as Idaho pioneers. As they grew, so did their fortunes.
In 1904, Harry and his wife commissioned the building of this colonial House. Harry Falk ran The Mode department store in downtown Boise, which operated until 1986.


The Mode Building in historic downtown Boise
Overhead view of Historic Downtown Boise

Historic Boise lodging near DowntownStately Residence

The Henry Falk House was later owned by Governor Chase Clark, then by Senator Frank Church and Bethine (Clark) Church.
Located in the historic Warm Springs neighborhood, Boise Heritage House is now available for guests to enjoy the quiet downtown Boise neighborhood vibe.

Take a look at what Boise looked like when the house was built. Images courtesy of https://historyofidaho.com